QR Code Generating Bookmarklet

Sometimes, it would be easy to get something from your computer over to your mobile. QR Codes are a simple way to do that, but often web-pages you’re viewing don’t have QR Codes readily available.

A bookmarklet I found on Google Code helps alleviate this problem. Simply copy the Javascript code into a bookmark on your browser and when you’re on a page you’d like the QR Code for, just click the link and it will pop up in a lightbox-like popup for your scanning pleasure.


I just used it to help me subscribe to a podcast on my Droid Eris without having to fat-finger the long URL into my Google Listen app. I just browsed to the subscribe page on the web, QR-scanned that page into my Droid, which browsed to the page. I clicked the "RSS FEED" link which Google Listen recognized and a subscription was born!

Get the Bookmarklet by right-clicking (on mac, long-press) the link, below, and choosing "add to bookmarks" or "add to favorites" or similar command:

> Get QRCode <

Simply click the link, above, to see how it works (it will generate a QR code for this page). Click the image of the code when you are done and it will disappear.


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