Droid Eris to Get Android 2.1 Update?

Droid Eris The web seems buzzing suddenly today about Verizon‘s support site having details of a Android 2.1 release of the phone OS to Droid Eris phones.

The website Phandroid, which seems to have broken the story, appears to be b0rked at the moment, possibly a slashdot effect of being the #1 Google result right now for "Update Droid Eris"

The Eris (which I have) is the HTC-made little brother to the droid, aka the moto droid, Verizon’s big fat first push which began last fall as the phone giant weighed in big-time in the Android phone game.

The speculation comes after months of wishing and wondering if the update would come as speculated to Eris users.  Now, Verizon’s support site redirects to an informational overview about the Android 2.1 update:


The update will bring Droid Eris users closer to the nirvana that is Android 2.1 with additional Use Google Goggles to search the web with picturesfeatures such as turn-by-turn maps with driving directions, pinch-to-zoom on maps, speech-to-text recognition anywhere there’s a keyboard, and an ability to download cool apps like Google Goggles and others previously unavailable to lowly Pre-Android 2.0 devices.

Android Police has a run-down of the feature upgrades

I’m looking for success stories of actual installers!  Please leave your comments, below, if you have installed the update.


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