Moving to Google Chrome

Firefox has been my good, hackable friend for quite a long time.  However, I am trying a week with Google Chrome to see how it goes. There’s a few reasons for this including:

  • Speed seems to be a feature, not an afterthought.  Pages are loading quicker.  Maybe this is due to pre-fetching or the javascript juicyness, but daddy likes.
  • The UI (er, chrome) is simple and tight. I have hacked my firefox with theme after theme to try and come up with something this simple. Chrome does it out of the box.
  • Default Theme is better on a netbook, giving me more screen and less toolbar, etc. etc. etc. bcause screen real-estate is wicked valuable on that 400px tall screen (or whatever it really is, but it’s tiny)
  • Bookmark Synching with Google Docs is cool. I have no idea why, but I like this. <– G33K.
  • Chrome loads processes in windows as separate threads, hopefully allowing some tabs to crash without killing the whole thing. Again,  = G33k.

An example of Chrome:

Some things I am yearning for already:

  • Roboform finally has an add-on, though its functionality is a bit limited. I would like to see it in a toolbar, not floating along the bottom.
  • Delicious has an add-on out that looks to bring my bookmarks over to Chrome but I also miss the firefox-awesomeness to fill a toolbar with my Delicious links.  This could be solved, by the way, if Chrome would allow me to
  • Bookmark RSS feeds and auto-display their content as links. This is known as “live bookmarks” over on ffx, and I’m not the only one who wants.

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