Add-On for Google Chrome

The best-known social bookmarking tool,, has a Chrome add-on out that is in Alpha right now and it looks promising. [ Sure, I didn’t jump on the Google Bookmarks/toolbar bandwagon and now I am paying for it, but hopefully, this will go a ways to bridging that gap and not leaving me in the cyber-dust.]

It adds the familiar “Tag” icon to the right of your Omnibar in Google’s Chrome browser which lets you bookmark a page quickly. Also, Delicious claims the add-on will also sync your delicious bookmarks with Chrome, both allowing you to back them up in Google Docs (cool) and allows them to show up in said Omnibar as you type in key words (see image below).

I am waiting for my marks to sync… stay tuned.  In the mean-time, to install the extension, click here using Google Chrome.


2 thoughts on “ Add-On for Google Chrome

  1. Your facebook like module is busted, at least it isn’t on my end. Doesn’t seem to work regardless of what I do.
    Wanted to provide you with a like, but I can’t. I’m sorry.
    Excellent information though, well worth a bookmark.

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