What Are QR Codes?

I’ve been adding functionality to bring QR Codes to Utah Tech Jobs and soon hope to enable them across this website as well.  But not everyone who sees one of these codes will know what they are (or care).

What are QR Codes?

In short, QR Codes are a bar code standard that enables information such as web addresses, contact information, and other things to be encoded in a format readable by many mobile phones enabling data sharing in an easy way.  The code you see below is a QR hyperlink to this webpage:

QR code to http://connectedwell.com/2010/what-are-qr-codes.htm
QR Code to this web page

Many cell phones are capable now of reading the codes, including many Nokia or Motorola phones, or phones where you can download apps like the iPhone, android (droid) and Palm WebOS phones like the pixi or pre.

This gets awesome when you realize how integrating this into almost anything from print ads or t-shirts, soda bottles, music videos or business cards can suddenly enable easy data collection and sharing.

Want More?Check out Mashable’s list of 5 cool ways to use QR codes.


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