Novell Pulse Enables Inter-Company Collaboration via Google Wave

Google Wave launched amid serious hype. Getting my kids from school was less important than getting a Wave Invite. Then, after everyone got in there and sent their “hello world” waves, the thing kindof, well, died off a little (lot?).

Austin Frakt at the Inciental Economist writes bluntly:

It didn’t take me very long to decide how to use Google Wave. The answer is: not at all. I haven’t found a single thing that makes Google Wave a good alternative to other ways of communicating and sharing. That’s not to say that I don’t believe it is possible it is better. It’s just not there yet.
What I’m (Not) Doing with Google Wave

But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some really great real-world uses with Wave, and some really good stuff coming. Novell Pulse*, which launched to Beta last week at Brainshare is rolling out some excellent additional features on top of the Wave platform to answer, for one, the question of secured, intra-and-inter company communications using Google Wave. Ian Roughey talks about Pulse over at Google Wave’s Dev Blog, and Kerry Adomo at Novell blogged about Pulse as well.

Here’s some video detailing the integration of the two platforms in a case-study scenario of how a company may utilize wave collaboration with internal/external parties on a document:

* Note: I think Novell Pulse is pretty cool independently, but I also currently work for Novell, and help recruit for the Pulse team. (We’re hiring an engineering manager to help launch the Pulse product in the Boston area, if you’re interested)


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