Android Apps i Want

I have made the switch from Blackberry to Android (actually several months ago) and though it was rocky at first I am loving it more and more. Every once in a while I look for an app and I don’t find it. Here odds my wishlist of applications I would love to find in android some day.

(Please add your own in the comments)

  • Network keep alive: This app would simply ping the web every few minutes to keep a wi-fi connection open.  I have a wifi connection available at work that I need browser-based authentication to.  I would like to not have to re-log-in every time I want to browse, or be worried that my dataplan will get dinged for too many podcasts, videos, email attachments or other large items dloaded/received.
    Update: Check out my Connection Keep-Alivr, a mobile-friendly webpage that simply refreshes every 9 minutes.
  • Traffic alerts: If I am about to drive into a massive traffic jam, Google Maps, please tell me!

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