Google Maps Adds Bike Routes

Amazing bike commute picture from Guillermo D on Flickr

As the weather warms, I’ve been eying my bicycle hanging in the garage for too-many months. Google Maps is now making it easier to find a quick way from where you are to where you’d like to go following bike-friendly roads and paths.

For example, check out these biking directions from Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah to Sugar House Park. Unfortunately, Utah has few bike-friendly roads (ranking 18th/50 in the USA according to the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Community campaign) so you may want to check out other bike-friendly cities in the US and around the world:Bike Friendly Cities in the US

And, here’s Google’s own video introducing the service:

Does anybody know if these bike maps show up on mobile google maps’ installs? The Google Maps for Mobile website doesn’t reflect this yet, but this makes a lot of sense, and I am sure it will be there soon enough.

Oh, and you can Tweet to win a new bike using the hashtag #bikewithgoogle (rules/regs)


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