'Since 9-11, My Life Has Never Been The Same. It's Actually Better'

The below is a moving video I watched earlier this week of a man, Victor Guzman, who was on the 85th floor when the first plane hit the first tower of the World Trade Center. I won’t post more about September 11th today. Two years ago, I posted “9-11: Where Were You?” which I think is enough. Other than this post, I will remain silent today in honor of those who lost their lives.

His life changed a lot after 9-11. Watch the video to see him tell his story of escaping the tower, only to turn around and watch the building collapse.

“Since 9-11, my life has never been the same. It’s actually better.”

He describes his journey from tragedy and trauma to hope, healing, and renewal through Jesus Christ. I realize with soberness everyone’s journey since 9-11 has not been the same, but I believe in the healing power he has experienced, and I appreciate the chance to share.

Please feel free comment, forward, tweet or share on facebook, etc., if this post moves you.

I will never forget those who died that day and since that day in the name of Freedom.


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