Navigating Blackberry and Google Calendar Sync Issues

Sync is hard.

I’ve never used any synchonization software that gets it right all the time. However, I am pretty pleased with Google’s Sync program, launched nearly 2.5 years ago, now part of their suite of mobile apps for smartphones, including BlackBerrys.

Google Sync for BlackBerry
Google Sync for BlackBerry

Every once in a while, my calendars get out of sync, and I need to delete and reset my BlackBerry. Normally, you can reset the sync by:

  • Go to Google Sync on the phone (either find the app icon, or scroll to the top of the BlackBerry-button menu while looking at your calendar.
  • In Google Sync, click the BlackBerry button*.
  • In the menu, choose “Options”
  • In the options screen, click the BlackBerry button* again.
  • In the menu, choose “Reset Calendar Sync”.

This action removes all the synchronized events on your calendar. Then you can re-sync again to get everything pulled back down from Google Calendar to your device.

However, the last time I did this, I also corrupted something, so my BlackBerry’s “default calendar” had a duplicate set of events from my Google Calendar. This isn’t bad, jut really annoying. I also had recurring events that don’t exist anymore, that I was having to manually delete. Not productive 😦

To solve this problem, I had to take more drastic measures. Follow along:

  • First, I synchronized my calendar manually from the BlackBerry, ensuring that it succeeded.
  • Next, I followed the instructions above to Reset my synchronized calendar, removing it from the device. Note that I did NOT resync at the end of the reset.
  • Then, I connected my BlackBerry to my computer and saved a full backup.
  • Next, following instructions from this BlackBerry Forums post, I removed ALL of the calendar events on my BlackBerry.
  • Finally, I went back to the BlackBerry, launched Sync, and did a manual sync (BlackBerry Button* > Sync), ensuring it was successful.
  • This removed the offending calendar(s) and now my calendar information is an exact copy of what’s online in my Google Calendar.

For simplicity, I am copying the instructions from the BlackBerry forum and inserting them, below, with links to screenshots:

If you are having errors in your Calendar or Address Book on your BlackBerry, and you wish to delete the entire Calendar (or Address Book) database on your BlackBerry, follow the directions below. Make certain you have a good copy of your Calendar or Contacts elsewhere, as this procedure will complete delete ALL Calendar entries and/or Address Book entries on your BlackBerry.

1. Open Desktop Manager on your PC.

2. Open up Backup/Restore > Advanced.

d9c3478bf4710a00682b15fd844620f83. From Advanced you’ll see a split pane screen. The left pane is what is going to be backed up from your device and the right is a list of the currently existing databases.54a4edfcd7fcf68b3de5cfa3cdfb168c

3. Highlight on the right side your Address Book database (or your Calendar database) and click the arrow in the middle pointing to the left. This will copy the information over and prepare it for back-up.

4. Once the back-up has completed, hit the Clear button at the bottom to erase and clean out the entire address book database (or Calendar database).0caba326ba7da52e404c5c8699a4e69c

5. After it’s finished, it will ask you if you want to save the back-up you’ve created, say yes and check the device to make sure the address book (or calendar) has been properly cleared out. Now, resync the necessary contact information and you should be set to go.

* The BlackBerry button is the “Menu” key on your berry.  It looks like The Blackberry Button or "Menu Key"


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