Windows 7 Rocks; Needs Better Program Startup Control

I have been running Windows 7 Release Candidate for nearly a month and I love it.


The list of things Windows 7 brings closer to me and makes more fun/easier to use is kind of endless.  Every day I use it, I slowly begin to think that someday I might forget the MS-DOS commands and endless, repetitive click-cycles (the kind your tech support guy repeats from memory when helping you get connected to a projector for a meeting… or get your monitor to show anything at all after the meeting is over)  I have committed to memory in order to accomplish anything worthwhile on previous Windows OS’s.

One consistent item I keep wishing I had easier access to was a simple applet that helped me manage my startup programs, or manage what programs start automatically when Windows launches.

This really should be simple to find, but it’s not.  In my opinion, if there is anything more detrimental to most-user’s experience with their PC is the crud of programs and their various “notifiers”, “monitors”, “updaters”, “download helpers” and otherwise annoying popup programs that do not NEED to be running, but run every single time the PC starts up.

Searching the Control Panel and Windows Help, I finally came across a link to an applet called “Start System Configuration” (which I recognize as msconfig thanks to my MS-DOS-infected brain) that can help me manage my startup programs, but the description for the applet has nothing to do with what I want to do:

“Any program that tries to start on my machine…. kill it dead.”


To access the Program Startup Killer, access Widows Help and Support, and then search for start system configuration.  Ignore that it says nothing about killing off offending startup programs, just click the link to open it.


Up pops the system configuration applet.  Click the startup tab and uncheck any programs you don’t want to allow to run when the machine boots.   Then click “Apply”, then “OK”.

Danger: This isn’t a well-refined applet, and unchecking the wrong boxes could cause damage to your system or user experience if you don’t know what you’re doing.


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