No Secrets in Recruiting = No Innovation in Recruiting (no permalink to article) presents some great insight into the staffing and recruiting industry. Their analysis is good and balanced.

They recently posted findings regarding the differences in recruitment candidate sourcing or attraction methods across different geographic areas in the US: West, Midwest, South and Northeast.  Their findings are interesting (see graph at sidecandidate_sources_long_chart) but one item in their analysis caused me to pause:

As far as recruiting in particular is concerned, there are no secrets. The tools of the trade have been universal for decades, which makes the divergent sourcing patterns in the U.S. regions all the more interesting” (emphasis added)

I agree that there are many tools of the recruiting industry that are well-known, but is it really true that there are no secrets left in recruiting?  Is there really nothing new or innovative or different about recruiting today?

As an executive, are you willing to leave your most crucial decisions (who you hire) to methods that have been in place, unchallenged and unchanged, since WWII?

In an age with unprecedented global competition for talent AND the most-serious global economic thin-ice in four generations, how can executives can be remotely pleased to learn that under the hood of their recruiting strategy, they are really just doing the same things over again, just now with different names?

The staffing article brings this thought around in full-circle with the summary:

There’s a lot of corporate habit embedded in corporate recruiting programs… We like to suppose that this reflects… unique ways of doing things that have been proven by long experience. But often this is not the case. There may often be nothing deeper at work than doing things the way they’ve always been done, for no particular reason that anyone can recall.” (emphasis added)

This is one of the reasons I aligned with EnticeLabs — their raw, unbiased innovation in a space plagued with ugly, technically inept ideas and tools that, sadly, have still been an improvement over the incumbent ideas and options.

Is it about time your recruiting strategy took a leap forward instead of just repeating old mistakes with new technologies? If so, TalentSeekr by EnticeLabs may be exactly what you need to grow your recruiting capability almost overnight by 2x or 10x or more.

Learn more through our video (watch BOTH of them) and let me know if I can answer any questions you have.


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