Enticing Passive Candidates


definition: enticing – alluring: highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire;

Some new and exciting things are happening in the world of recruiting, and I am glad to be a part of a small portion of it. As some of you may have noticed, my linkedin and facebook profiles have all been updated with the news that I am no longer working with Omniture, and I have aligned myself with EnticeLabs, a software startup with some amazing technology to help companies get closer to candidates they’d like to hire.

This role fits me like a glove in many ways because I love software and I am passionate about connecting people through smart recruiting. The tools this team has been developing amaze and astound me. I am sure everybody says the same thing when they join a startup, but the technologies and abilities the team here talks about in everyday language would be impossible for most HR and Recruiting departments to imagine themselves doing.

Imagine your HR or Recruiting Department being able to:

  • Develop an interesting talent pipeline that sells your corporate employment brand to passive candidates, while enticing great people to submit themselves to your talent database constantly… while you sleep.
  • Simply and easily place your company’s employment brand in front of the 80% of jobseekers that don’t read job boards.
  • Actually spend your time recruiting, not sorting through hundreds of spam emails.
  • Leverage our pre-existing buying relationships to allow your employment messaging to be placed in front of hundreds of targeted individuals for a fraction of the traditional cost.
  • Instead of the ‘Post and Pray’ method of traditional job posting services, rest assured that the system is automatically adjusting your spending to target and drive results from the people you actually want to hire (not just the ones who spend their days browsing job boards).  Did the requisition suddenly close or get placed on hold? No problem… turn it down (or off) and save your money.
  • Receive insightful (and visually-stunning) analytics helping you know exactly what and where your job advertising is performing (and where it is not).
  • Launch, adjust or shut off your job advertisements with either a one-stop phonecall top your dedicated Account Manager or a few mouseclicks online.
  • Stop stressing about your job advertising. Be as hands on or hands off as you want to be.

Interested? Want to know more about Entice Labs? Check out this 2 minute video introduction or call 877-2-ENTICE


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