Will the Super-IM App for Blackberry Please Stand?

My Blackberry does some amazing things.


I've said before that it's the fastest, most reliable, and most versatile handheld communication tool I have ever used.

Combined with Blackberry Enterprise Server and Exchange, and the mind becomes dizzy in hyper-connected communicado geekness.

Windows Mobile bites. (Really). Palm is out of the limelight. iPhone is sexy, sure, but its best for music, movies, games, finding where you parked, or calculating the tip.

When it comes to mobile productivity, Blackberry isn't as hot as Apple's favorite beauty-queen daughter (iPhone). It's more like a homely, plain worker who knows how to work, and simply gets it right, all the time.

But, there's still one area GLARING for attention: COMBINED, SIMPLE INSTANT MESSAGING.

Blackberry already has I.M. apps both for their own BB Messenger and look-alikes for Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and others. But the age-old dilemma still exists when trying to live simultaneously on multiple messenger networks (let alone if you have multiple logins for one network thanks to multiple business/professional connections).

The only ways to login in several places requires shady, 3rd party app downloads where bugs & errors run rampant, and you cross your fingers that the russian text you read on the author's website didn't translate to "Whitepaper: How to steal everything sacred from dumb blackberry users."

Here is my plea, Blackberry: You kill at communication apps. Srsly. Every productivity hack knows this. When will you go the last mile and give us an instant messenger client that works across multiple networks, with one installation? I have many email addresses and txt/pin messages that all show up under one inbox… Is this too different?

If you won't do it, please tell me when somebody does!


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