What if You're Not 'In' the Club?

Not in the Club?I noticed a great post from Cary Snowden over at Social Hat about the new Social Media Club Salt Lake (@SMCSLC), and a twinge of jealousy washed over me reading about who was there and the purpose of the group, etc. Why? Well, currently, I am not part of that club, and right now joining something like that is not something I will be getting into.

The event looked great, and from the photos on Cary’s blog, the people I see there are surely some of the right ones to have on any panel about anything social. Way to go guys. Keep up the good work!

Pitiful monologue aside, when you find yourself outside of a group you want to be in, how do you get ‘in’? Here’s a few practical suggestions:

  1. Understand the scope of the group. Are you qualified… or just starstruck?
    Look, if it’s the “social media club”, they will likely take anybody who knows how to Twitter and has a blog that’s not about their kittens.  But, if it’s the Angels and VC’s club or something, there’s likely a little more to it than showing up.
  2. Find someone who belongs to the group and connect with them. Ask them to coach you about it.
    In this case, Cary Snowden is obviously the person I would reach out to because he and I already have developed a relationship, I’ve attended his Crunch Lunch event, and featured him prominently on several of my radio shows. He, of course, would help me know more about the club… and, if anything else, help me know if I was or wasn’t qualified to join.
  3. Ask to join, and pony up anything required.
  4. Attend. Be gracious and open and attentive. Keep your mouth shut a lot (yes, a personal note) until you’ve attended three times.
  5. Personally and generously thank the person who got you connected to the club.
  6. Have fun!

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