Buy, Sell or Trade Giftcards with (Re)Giftah!

A new website is trying to help you swap that giftcard from a store you’d never be caught dead in you’ll never walk into for one a little more classy hip.

From their blog: Hi everyone, first and foremost I would like to welcome all the users to Giftah. Thank you for signing up, we hope you have a great experience using Giftah. Since we have been live for less then two weeks we have been adding many new features. In this post I will go over some of the new functions that have been added to the site.

In all it’s recession?-what-recession AJAXY-goodiness, we present: Giftah:


Give it a try. You know you want to. Don’t come begging to me if the giftcard you get in return doesn’t have any real value.
[Hat tip to Geeksugar ]


One thought on “Buy, Sell or Trade Giftcards with (Re)Giftah!

  1. Hi there and thanks for blogging about Giftah!

    Since the post we have added a new system (“Verified by Giftah”) for verifying and making sure that all card’s listed on the site hold the value the seller has stated.

    We have also made the entire transaction process simpler by allowing the winning bidder to purchase the gift card via our website and then have the seller withdraw the funds once the buyer has given us the thumbs up.

    We welcome everybody to hop on the website and check out the new changes! Ah and we are handing out $100 to one lucky user that signs up during the month. Don’t miss out!

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