New Google Content Blog

To be well-known on the Internet today, its understood that you need to be in Google.  If you’re not indexed in Google, that’s the first step to getting attention to your content.

Today, Google took some steps forward to help this process become easier:

From Submitting Your Content to Google at the Google Blog:
Last week we took two steps to address this: we updated the Submit Your Content site and we launched our Content Central blog. The goal of both of these resources is to inform and help the many organizations that distribute various types of content via Google Web Search, Maps, Product Search, Book Search, YouTube, iGoogle and more.

Over on the Content Central Blog itself, the following hint is provided for getting your content into Google:

If you’re not sure where to start, “Get Started” lists the three steps we recommend all content partners take to begin sharing information with us. Alternatively, pick an industry that most accurately describes your organization. We’ll walk you through the types of content you may have, and show you where that content surfaces across various Google services.

Go get indexed!


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