Missed Connections

Um, it kindof makes sense to connect with people while you still can.
Um, it kindof makes sense to connect with people while you still can.

On this website, I usually talk about making connections and keeping them. Leveraging smart, sassy social network tools like Facebook or LinkedIn to ensure you and that person can reach out and keep in touch if the need arises (for them or for you)

Well, three times this week, I realized I had NOT connected with some key people that have meant a lot to me in my professional life, but we don’t work together on a regular basis, and that have suddenly (well, I wasn’t paying attention) moved on to other opportunities.

What happens if something suddenly changes in your (or their) employment and suddenly you don’t know their email address and can’t send them an easy-peasy “lets be online buddies” invitation?

I think you’ve got three options:

  • Call their former co-workers and sound like an idiot asking if they might have that person’s personal email address (consider the possible watercooler conversations).
  • Call their new company if I know it, and sound like an idiot asking if so-and-so works there… and then the awkward conversation if you get connected:

    “Um, yeah…. we used to work together, over at WidgetCo and, well, I wanted to get ‘Linked In’ with you before you left, and, well, I slacked off on that and now I am calling for your email address… if you’re interested….. yeah, it’s called ‘Linked In’…. no, it’s not a dating site…. yes, I am married…. yes, I realize you are married too…”

  • Post a Missed Connections ad on CraigsList, maybe something like:

    Former Enron Exec. Looking to Reconnect with Missed Colleague – m4w – 38 (Houston)

    Reply to: pers-i-am-a-real-slacker-i-didn’t-ask-this-before@craigslist.org [?]
    Date: 2008-08-22, 9:11AM MDT

    We worked together for a really long time. Years in fact. You were always there to help me fudge the numbers when I screwed up my budgets or couldn’t seem to get Powepoint to make that “woosh” sound and make the letters fly onto the screen. : )

    I’d really like to chat with you more. Maybe we can linkIn sometime and chat a online bout the good old days closing the quarter in accounting. : )

    • Location: Houston
    • it’s IS ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests for convicted felons.

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