Using Google Docs for Live Blogging

This is a test of using Google Docs to Liveblog…

7/22/08 10:07 AM
On The Google Docs Blog, I found an interesting guest blog post by Amit Agarwal, “a professional technology blogger at Digital Inspiration and an exceptionally creative Docs user” who wrote about using Google Docs to liveblog and event.I don’t find myself liveblogging very much… mostly, twitter is where I keep short/simple updates, but I thought I would try this out.

7/22/08 10:15 AM
My very first realization of how this is working is that, apparently, the Movable Type API that WordPress uses doesn’t seem to support having a TITLE for the post. I even added a title in WordPress, hoping it would just *keep* the title… but it doesn’t 😦

7/22/08 10:19 AM
I can enter images, though…

… and tables!

First Name
Favorite Color
Favorite Food

7/22/08 10:24 AM
As Amit says in his post, “Control M” gets you current date and time. Clicking on the comment text allows you the option of “insert comment text into document”, so it it visible. That’s how I am getting the timestamps here.

7/22/08 10:25 AM
Finally, I am uploading images of this document as it has been evolving:


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