Fave Tweets

Here’s my ten most-recent fave tweets (yeah, this is an excuse not to spend too much time blogging)

Leo Laporte leolaporte It’s funny to see all the Twitterati flock to http://identi.ca – we’re all so desparate for a Twitter that works. Why not just clone it?
Matthew Reinbold libel_vox Icon_red_lock I am wearied by the supposed “twitter-killers” that have no mobile support. the any-input/any-output beyond-a-browser IS the killer feature
Kyger Bailey kygerbailey Props to @jasonalba for the Twellow link. Blogged: http://tinyurl.com/6g9gyz
Gretchen Ledgard gledgard uh-oh. thunderstorm power surge – and now our xbox 360 is sporting the red ring of death. damn, msft. oh, wait. 😉
Dalyn Roney dalyn I must say, I am impressed with reality tv for recycling celebrities. And that’s about it.
Jason Hall JayceHall Fun times, when your error handler method calls the method causing the error… “Deep Recursion” is a fun thing to see in your logs
BradBaldwin bradbaldwin Noticably greater number of bikers riding Highland Hwy. Wonder if it’s just en vouge or more gas savers?
Scott C. Lemon humancell Wow … really well written blog post … engineer leaving Google … Back to Microsoft! http://tinyurl.com/3m8amr
Steve Rubel steverubel Summize now shows where Twitter TinyURLs go http://flickr.com/photos/st…
Laura Fitton Pistachio VERY cool applications of microsharing (Twebinars & Plurkshops) http://twurl.nl/lrxj78

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