Drop Dead Simple Ways to Record Stuff

Here are some very easy ways to make audio recordings. If you have other suggestions, please comment!

Local computer-based:

  • Windows Sound Recorder: I am sure there are equivalents in Mac & Linux, but in Windows, find your Programs > Accessories > Entertainment menu, and you should find “Sound Recorder”. This little program records and saves WAV files.
  • Audacity: This might be overkill, but if you want to edit your audio, this is the tool. Free and Open Source. Get it from Sourceforge.


  • Seesmic: The new social website allows you to record both audio and video and then send it to someone as a link (they’ll need to watch it online). FWIW, I use Seesmic bundled with the Disqus comment system to allow people to reply to blog posts with audio/video. If you leave a comment on this very blog-post, it will allow you to “Record Video Comment”. Check it out at Seesmic.com
  • Utterz: This is very similar to Seesmic. Seems to have some more controls and privacy, but in my experience with it, I had a tough time getting it done. Benefits to Utterz:
    • Call from your PHONE
    • Send pics, video, text by EMAIL too
    • Better privacy options than Seesmic (I think)


  • Utterz: Just repeating the last entry here.  Utterz lets you call from your phone.
  • GrandCentral: Lucky enough to have a grandcentral account?  Set your account on “Send everything to voicemail” and call yourself… the message will come back to you as an MP3.
  • Other Voicemail-to-email services: Come to think of it, Vonage or anybody else who emails you a voicemail recording is just as good…
  • Cinch: Matt Reinbold told me about this one.  Cinch is drop-dead easy:
    • Simply CALL 646-200-0000 (six four six, two million) from a phone and follow the prompts.
    • It beeps at you and your voicemail-trained mouth will start talking.
    • Hangup when you’re done, and Cinch will save the recording as an MP3 file and save it as a downloadable file from a custom URL: http://cinch.blogtalkradio.com/1112223333 where the numbers are the phone number you called from.
    • Paranoid about your number being shown?  Just go to Cinch’s website and register your number with a vanity name (like, um, your name) and then the URL will match.

All-in-all, just use what works.  The cool thing about Cinch is, you could literally broadcast a podcast from that service just by dialing the number and talking… it does the rest!


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