Flickr Uploadr Available for Blackberry Smartphones

Sharing the things you find as you journey through life is half the fun of being well-connected. And, of course, a picture is worth thousands and thousands of those words. Flickr, the popular online photo storage site, has published a cool uploading tool that allows you to choose and send photos from your blackberry to your account on the Flickr website, but you can also “geotag” photos (adding information to the photo revealing the location it was taken), and even send photos you have already put on Flickr to your Blackberry contacts! From the Blackberry site:

This mobile photo uploader is designed to offer the same features and functions you’re used to using on your computer. And, because of the familiar BlackBerry smartphone keyboard, menus and prompts, it’s easy to learn, fun to use and it’s free. Upload photos easily Snap a picture, put it in the right album, tag it, and even adjust its size. Then post it with just a few quick clicks. Geotag your pictures If you’re using a BlackBerry smartphone with GPS capabilities you can also geotag images so that people who look at your pictures can tell where you uploaded them. Download Flickr Photo Uploader for BlackBerry Smartphones.


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