I don’t have any idea why this was launched nearly a month ago and I am just finding it, but I think Facebook Chat is a pretty cool idea… and NOT because it’s “CHAT”.

Nevermind that TechCrunch somehow knew about Facebook Chat and I didn’t… must have been that day twitter was down..

First a few screenshots:

The first shows my facebook homepage, with a new “toolbar” along the bottom and a notifications window that pops up:

The second screenshot is a closeup of the status box, showing 9 online friends… 3 active, and 6 idle… and their statuses:

End of the day, I like this tool simply because its providing a drop-dead simple way to:

  • Touch in with people simply
  • Find out what’s happening in my network
  • Communicate with people as-needed in the same place I find them (it is inefficient to use one tool to locate someone and then another tool to communicate with them when you find them!)

I don’t know if FB CHAT has additional features, but I would like it to:

  • Integrate with my existing IM client… let me be online via FB chat or another IM tool, and let people find me through their own vector of accessing it.
  • Integrate with twitter… or at least FacebookMobile. send me a FB chat and DM it to my twitter client or FB registered cell phone.

4 thoughts on “I

  1. Robert, thanks for walking us through FB chat. I don’t log on to FB often but when I did this week, I saw the toolbar but did not explore. I of course love Twitter and since I use it the most integration would be nice. I don’t use any of my other IM services unless I need to chat with a client because chatting on Twitter is much easier. Let’s hope additional developments are in the pipeline. In the interim, I like your perspective on how FB chat can be used.

  2. @karenswim very good point. I hardly RUN an IM client unless I specifically need to. In fact, many online IM conversations begin with a slew of emails or txt messages that sound like:

    me: Lets chat via IM
    they: OK, which client… skype, gtalk, msn, yahoo, aol…
    me: um, gtalk (cause it runs in my browser)
    they: OK. catch you in a minute…

    Add all that up and you have inefficiency! Kill it!

  3. Robert,exactly! My IM talks start exactly like yours. When we were still living Web 1.0 I truly believed that Web 2.0 would have integrated tools. Yet here we are with fragmented systems that add inefficiency rather than enhance workflow. I would love to see single platforms which could then be customized with tools. Perhaps web 4.0 will finally cater to this need.

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