No Friends For You

The point is, corporate firewalls are there to keep baddies out. No malware, no spyware, no viruses or trojans or whatever else.

But they also do a pretty good job of keeping people IN, too:

  • No sharing of information
  • Don’t meet people in your industry or get to know anybody
  • Stop trying to be friends. Work, work, work!

End of the day, I believe the companies that allow their employees to share and LIVE more freely–and build in mechanisms that enable people to engage external resources on completing internal projects (asking for advice doesn’t require legal to review a 9-page contract… does it?) will get more done, faster and more efficiently.

And, if you cringe at the thought of your employees saying “hi” to a friend once in a while… maybe your management skills needs some tuning… not your network!


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