Social Network Tipping Points

Anyone who’s been on the ultra-portable micro-update network Twitter for any length of time knows they’ve blown past the tipping point of an acceptable social network.

Here’s Some evidence:

  • People actually have “heard about” twitter, even if they haven’t joined.
  • People like Shel Israel declare a “Twitter Follow Policy” to clarify why they will or won’t follow someone.
  • Usually nay-sayers exclaim “I tried it and I don’t get it” rather than simply “I don’t get it”
  • Chuck Norris twitters (Darth Vader was a no-brainer. Of course he would twitter…)
  • The number of “non-techy” people jumping onto the platform is astounding.
  • People, like ARMGpaul, feel like they’ve been missing something amazing

In fact, many-a-tweeter these days bemoans the time “before the whole world joined”… back when twitter was a small town, not a bustling city.

I laugh a little to myself when a social network gets so big people feel they have to join out of obligation rather than the desire to connect with people. It just begs the question:

If a Social Network falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it… does it make any noise?

In other words… join when you join.  Make the best out of it you can… it’s just like any other conversation you’ve ever taken part in for your whole life: People have been talking before you came along, and they will keep talking when you’re gone.

… the point is to make what YOU add to the conversation meaningful… in your own way.

What do YOU think?


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