So… What do you do?

No matter how much I practice answering a question like this, it seems to always catch me off-guard. The reason for that is that I do quite a few things, and I think I do them rather well.

To paint me into a corner though, here’s a few things I feel I am known for:

  • When I am around, results show up and problems tend to disappear.
  • Relationship and People Builder. Gosh darn it, people like me.
  • Actionable: Gets things done.
  • Accountable: I make mistakes. Yes. I get them over with quickly so I can move on to the success.
  • Knows how to derive real, measurable value from technology. Not just a “gadget geek”.
  • Able to marshal and allocate resources, teams, disparate groups, and create common goals/vision.
  • Recruiter & Sales Person
  • Engaging and provocative presenter/trainer.
  • Master communicator at all levels, with all kinds of people, and using all mediums–print, web, social networks, television, radio, etc.

How’s that for a starter list?


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