Scariest Thing For Weight Loss

OK, most people who know me know that I have successfully lost 126 pounds, thanks to Herbalife.

Because I was overweight for my whole life, and finally found what works, I have been curious about other weight-loss programs ever since.  This one simply scares the be-jeebers out of me.  Gastric Bypass Surgery is bad enough.  This thing is scarier to me.  They call it “The Gastric Bypass Pill

Apparently, the product works by absorbing the water in your stomach and forming a stomach blocking gel that keeps you from being able to eat.

OK, I can see how this might make you feel full (geez, with your stomach full of gel, I guess so) but, DOES ANYBODY SEE ANYTHING WRONG HERE??

Their claims about it are even more interesting:

You’ll be completely satisfied, without jittery stimulants or tonics with weird side effects. Zetacap™ easily lets you skip one or two meals every day, without feeling cheated.

Here are my problems with this:

  1. How can a “stomach blocking gel” be 100% safe? Obviously, its something that, apparently, your natural stomach acid CAN’T DIGEST (or else it would dissolve and not work).  Sure, no stimulants are necessary when you have what feels like a half-pound steak clogging up your stomach!
  2. How can you not feel cheated by a gel?
    • Feeling cheated is not simply a function of what’s in your stomach.  It’s also a matter of the nutrition in your body.
    • What are people eating during their third, un-skipped meal, to ensure that their bodies are getting all the nutrition they need?

I just hope this “amazing new product” doesn’t end up being a horrible problem.


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