Submit Your Website to Google

If Google doesn’t know you’re out there, it won’t reveal your site in a search… even if you are the best blog out there on the Hamster Bill of Rights.  Submitting your site to Google is a step in the process.  If you can, use Google Sitemaps and submit your sitemap file to Google.  Otherwise, you may as well get started by at least letting them know about your homepage

Submit Your Homepage or Sitemap to Google

A Note from Google about this:

Please note: Only the top-level page from a host is necessary; you do not need to submit each individual page. Our crawler, Googlebot, will be able to find the rest. Google updates its index on a regular basis, so updated or outdated link submissions are not necessary. Dead links will ‘fade out’ of our index on our next crawl when we update our entire index.

Once you get your form submitted, get Adsense on your blog to be sure you’re earning money.


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