Google Just Rocks – Smart Movie Listings?

Google MoviesOn my Google IG Homepage, I’ve had the movie listings floating over to the right for a while. I never worried about them too much, until today when I wanted to determine what movies are showing in the area.

I clicked the “Showtimes for 84601 >>;” link and was blown away.

I thought it would take me to a google search for “Movies in 84601 or something, not the granddaddy listing page for everything I would ever care to see in my town.

But wait, there’s more:

  • Click the theater name, get all movies there.
  • Click the movie name, see all theatres (and times) it’s playing (this by itself deserves the Nobel Peace Prize because my wife and I won’t have to argue about what time such-and-such theatre is playing the movie)
  • IMDB links for info about the movie (what a concept)
  • And Google movie reviews, which appear to be pulled from newspapers, etc. who reviewed them.

Not a single pop-up ad on the site, either.

Wow, Google. Your momma must be proud!


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